Arena Plus: Jordan Clarkson's Scoring Versatility

Jordan Clarkson's ability to score from various angles and positions on the court makes him a crucial asset for any team. This article will dive into the specifics of his scoring versatility, exploring the different methods and techniques that make him such a deadly offensive weapon.

Scoring from the Perimeter

  • Three-point shooting: Clarkson can drain three-pointers with remarkable accuracy. Averaging around 35-38% from beyond the arc, he can stretch the defense and create space for his teammates.
  • Pull-up jump shots: Off the dribble, Clarkson can hit mid-range and long-range jumpers. His quick release and ability to shoot over defenders make him a threat even when closely guarded.
  • Catch-and-shoot: When playing off the ball, Clarkson catches passes and shoots with excellent mechanics. His ability to quickly set his feet and release the ball often catches defenders off guard.

Attacking the Basket

  • Dribble penetration: Clarkson uses his speed and agility to blow past defenders and get to the rim. His ability to finish with either hand makes him difficult to predict and contain.
  • Finishing through contact: Known for his toughness, Clarkson often absorbs contact and still finishes the play. He draws fouls consistently, earning trips to the free-throw line where he shoots with high efficiency.
  • Floaters and runners: In situations where driving all the way to the basket is impractical, Clarkson employs floaters and runners to score over taller defenders.

Off-Ball Movement

  • Curl cuts: Clarkson frequently uses curl cuts to get open looks near the basket or create space for a mid-range jumper.
  • Backdoor cuts: When defenders overplay him on the perimeter, Clarkson capitalizes by making backdoor cuts towards the basket for easy layups or dunks.
  • Relocation: After passing the ball, Clarkson often relocates to find better shooting positions, making it hard for defenders to keep track of him.

Playmaking Ability

  • Creating for teammates: While primarily a scorer, Clarkson also possesses the ability to set up his teammates. His court vision allows him to recognize when defenses collapse on him, dishing out assists to open teammates.
  • PnR (Pick and Roll): Clarkson effectively runs the pick and roll, either scoring off the screen or making the right pass to the rolling big man.
  • Passing out of double teams: When defenses focus too much on him, Clarkson's passing ability allows him to find the open man, keeping the offense fluid.

Overall, Jordan Clarkson's scoring versatility makes him a significant threat on the basketball court. His ability to score from various positions and create plays not only helps his team win but also makes him a valuable player in any offensive scheme. For more about basketball insights, visit arena plus.

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